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Categoría: Animales de compañía
Grabado: 14/10/2020
Autor: Dr. Juan Carlos Serra
Duración: 60 min.

Radiation therapy in small animals: what do I need to know?

Radiotherapy has become an integral therapeutic modality in small animal medicine, especially in the treatment of cancer. It can provide long-term control over many tumors that previously had no effective treatment, and it can palliate clinical signs of patients with advanced stage cancer. RT can also be used for specific benign conditions which are refractory to conventional therapy, such as osteoarthritis. While protocols are typically designed to cause clinically acceptable acute and late toxicities, potential adverse effects should be explained to owners prior to commencing treatment. The recent arrival of technical advances in RT to the veterinary field have significantly improved safety, accuracy and efficacy of this treatment modality for dogs and cats.

The aim of this WebSeminar is to argue the benefits of RT and the importance of explaining to pet owners about the possible side effects of this treatment.